As a commercial photographer Charles Chesnut has opened eyes around the world with his product, people, and architectural photography. His wide-ranging capability allows him to shoot different subjects while maintaining a consistent look throughout a total campaign. Clients like that. They also like knowing that Charles has worked with all kinds of products, athletes, models, and corporate honchos – in tight spaces and remote locations. He spent nearly 6 years as senior photographer for Nike and over 23 years in commercial photography and visual communications. His personal interests have taken him to places like Rwanda and Nicaragua to shoot photos for organizations striving to improve the lives of others.

“I’m blessed.  I have a job that I love – working with great teams to create something meaningful out of nothing. I enjoy colaberating with clients to transform their vision into photographic reality, and then seeing how the image impacts people. Sometimes there’s a creative or technical challenge, but we always get the shot – whatever it takes and wherever it takes us.”  - Charles Chesnut


A few clients I have had the pleasure of working with: 


Sandstrom Design Partners

Big Giant

Nike, Inc.

Sole Collector Magazine


Hybrid Design

Watson Creative